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Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Afford a House.

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Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Afford a House.

Video on Market Data Suggests Compelling Case for Growth in 2017 in Housing and Mortgage Markets

By Michael Macari


February 25, 2017.


Despite the negative news that has permeated the media ever since the election regarding affordability of housing, Ralph DellaCamera is extolling an entirely different point of view. And it’s an educated one, based on concrete- and external - data and evidence.

 DellaCamera, Chairman of mortgage holding company NAD and its iServe subsidiaries, belies pundits and analysts who are spreading fear about the housing and mortgage markets. He not only believes they are cooking up unnecessary fear and trepidation, he believes they are misleading the public, and doing a disservice to the most important segment of the  American economy.

Sure, it’s his business to believe so. But, in fact, he sees a confluence of issues that are quite the opposite of what ‘s being dished on TV and across endless blogs.

Is he a patriot? Sure. Does he remember the era of 16% interest rates when people still bought homes? Absolutely.

Despite a widely-publicized yet modest rise in interest rates, DellaCamera’s belief is that, at the very time the country is digging out from the worst housing crisis in generations, a point or two in interest rate rises isn’t going to shut the industry down. And the current lack of supply is no longer going to hold back the pent up demand he sees. In fact, housing starts are up, and builders are anxious to replenish housing stocks in strong markets nationwide. The water’s coming over the dam.

DellaCamera quotes historical data and current trends to support it.

DellaCamera sees a boom coming.    



In a recent all-company kick-off presentation for NAD and the iServe companies, DellaCamera went into great detail as to why he’s bullish on the future in the mortgage markets. Not a “rah-rah” speech, rather a presentation of cold hard facts published by the U.S. Census Bureau and Bloomberg, among others. DellaCamera systematically deciphers data on interest rates, credit availability, generational demographics, home building and other verticals to make his case that the best days are yet to come.

An unprecedented time in our economy, to be exact.

DellaCamera is a baby boomer.  Sure, he remembers times of growth, dips, trends, declines and all the factors that contributed to these eras. He is no newcomer to changing economic conditions, wall street risk-taking, or industry data deciphering.

“iServe is indeed “bullish” on the prospects for a great 2017”, states Ken Michael, Co-CEO of iServe Residential Lending and based out of the company’s central region hub in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. “And there’s good reason for it. Housing starts are going to increase throughout the year as builders embark on constructing new supply to replace old, aging homes and meet the demand that’s out there”.

Building indeed. A recent statistic issued by the U.S. Census Bureau estimated new home sales in 2016 at 563,000, up 12 percent year over year. In his Kickoff video, DellaCamera points out additional data from the U.S. Homebuilders Association showing confidence and housing start planning at its highest levels in years.

A 40-year veteran trader, hedge fund owner and distressed real estate buyer, DellaCamera and his partners, Vince Spinnato and Andy Kurtz, have spent a lifetime in and around the financial markets- now currently focused on the housing and mortgage markets. His is an informed position.

As a result, NADs iServe Residential Lending subsidiary is doing all the right things to distinguish itself, and take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Dede Madsen, iServe’ s Chief Technology Officer is bringing technology to the customer experience. “We will soon roll-out new mortgage intelligence technology that we believe young consumers in particular are going to love”, she states. “With diversified marketing and a mix of both branch retail (in-person) and consumer-direct (online) lending experiences, we believe wholeheartedly in Ralph’s (DellaCamera) vision. We are positioning iServe to be a part of a new technology and consumer-focused renaissance coming in home mortgage lending.”

And so, DellaCamera evangelizes the benefits of VA veteran Home Loans and other entrees to stimulate home ownership that are preparing the way to serve a whole new generation. And he states so in his video dossier.

DellaCamera says it’s about time to talk straight- with facts, and put some energy into the recovery. Especially when there is cold, hard government data and industry facts to support the promise.

So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, he asks consumers to “see for your yourself”. Who knows, the next American housing boom may be right where DellaCamera says it is- right in front of us.


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