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Why Join iServe?

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Why Join iServe?

Jan 26
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“Why Join iServe”? Because no one will help you succeed as we will.

A lot’s being written of late about the “downturn” that’s going to happen this year in the mortgage markets. High interest rates. Purchase business down. Housing prices rising.

But what do the numbers really say?

Interest rates are at historic lows. Credit is loosening up, wage growth is beginning. And building is on the rise, with the National Home Builders Association planning new home construction at levels not seen in years.

As home prices rise again, young families will purchase their first homes and begin the era of their investment, the building of their equity.

To see why we at iServe are bullish on our market potential in 2017, see this link below:

And we’re putting in place the technology, the marketing, the local underwriting and the people to take advantage of these opportunities.

At iServe, we don’t believe you should let anyone tell you the mortgage market is in a downturn. Further, we believe It’s greatest days are ahead.

If you’d like to work with a mortgage company that values you and supports you every step of the way. Give us a call. Call Ken Michael, Co-CEO at (615) 869-0396, or contact our nationwide recruiter, Rick Trew, at (615) 306-0585,